Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Healthy dose of Life on the Other Side

This was a weekend to remember. As I've been locked up here today doing my usual blogging and tweets, conducting and concocting...all things creative today....I've had the chance to look back into some late summer photos. We had the privilege to be invited by my dearest daughter and *the man*, to stay with them at the House on the Lake, as we'll refer to it. Invited family members for some sun and fun for the day. We boated..thanks to bro and sis-n-law, bar-b-qued and swam all afternoon. I even got pulled along behind the boat on a floatie (what was that thingie called?) apologies to Wendy for the momentary insanity and cursing in her ear as I panicked and held on for dear life. All in all, I was scared $#@)less...but I survived. Thanks Sam! Enjoy some beauty by the beach!

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