Thursday, October 30, 2008

So this is she, queen of the house, ruler of the roost and love of my life. Who'd a thought? For most of my adult life I've been a Black Lab girl. The family dog and there have been several whom we've loved, no make that adored/spoiled and grew up with the kids just like another child at the table. (well not literally at the table). But this girl, this little Cinnabun came to us out of the blue and well....from the back of the couch she watches life pass by.
I never saw myself as a Chihuahua kind of person, I thought they were yappy, bitey (?) and snippy little annoying things. But here she is, my queen, my Cinny. I used to be the person who thought this was a bit unusual, a thinker of *those kinds of people* that were a little bit *off* shall we say? Good grief, I am....the dog lady, crooning over those cute little outfits at the local Pet Smart!There has to be someone out there who can relate, huh?

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