Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who knew this could be Indiana?

I'm tellin ya, as I live and breathe I will still be in shock over what we stumbled upon last weekend on our roaming trip back from Dayton. We decided to let the roads be our guide, the colors point our direction and the hills keep us from falling off the sides. Wandering through the upper parts of Kentucky and back into Indiana to make our journey toward the goal of finding out what the deal is about Madison, IN. Like two kids ooing and ahing through the windows at the beauty of Southern Indiana we rolled into Madison only to be wonderfully surprised. Had a great lunch at a hip deli/cafe and did the main street shops. Off again, no photos only visual memories though. Winding back up towards Indy we happened into French Lick. A place speaking to my jumbled memories of past Midwest Living Mag's torn pages of places I'd like to visit some day. Did that make sense? My kids always ragged on me about my nasty little *habit*. Yes, I'm one of those people who sometimes, quietly and ashamedly rips out pages of magazines as I wait in the Dr.'s office, only to add to my piles of people, places and things to visit one day, my Bucket List......So what?, I digress....
Wow, there it was..a very welcoming cutsey town with flower beds and a HUGE Casino/Hotel before us as we rolled into French Lick. I knew that it wasn't the Casino I had read about so many years ago in that page that I had saved. Check out what we found just down the road...gotta tell ya....WOW! This is what I had read about so many years ago. If you haven't been there, you've got to at least see their website....and by the way....wear a bib to catch the drool!!!

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Karen said...

This is too cool! Your are doing great! I can't wait til I can work on my blog! Keep it up!
You go girlfriend!!!!!