Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's early but it's here, so what about now?

So now is the time for acceptance here in my little place of happy homeland. My play space, my little neck of the woods. Pretty pine trees, huh?
So, you see....this is what makes it worth staying in Michigan in the coldest months of doom and gloom! ( well, that only happens after the holidays) This kind of beauty where every branch of every tree is dusted with this powder and just glistens in the sunlight!
So what are we all to think of these *changes*... I just love giving that word its due dig) here it is the 18th day of November and already the stores are full of Holiday cheer. Why Lord? Isn't it enough that we're blasted with fear about our pending doom on the economic force? That we fear that our jobs will be removed like blink from Jeannie's eyes? That the food pantry will run dry and we'll be forced to really, really eat beans and cornbread every day and have no choice? But I digress....
Part of me wants to run from it all claiming that they are robbing us of the tradition long mindset that Christmas must only begin after Thanksgiving......and to give that even more joy they now refer to it as Black Friday!
That other part wants the lights up now...to begin the baking and merrying. The window shopping, the anxiety over not being able to buy anyone anything but a box of rocks. Opps...there I go again!

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