Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is it about the cold and dreariness of the Midwest that keep me here? Family bonds that tie us to stay close to home? It's always at this time of year that many of us find ourselves slipping into hibernation. A time of reflection, bonding, exploring. It's when life slows down that we deepen our bonds and ties to those people and places that keep us whole. I have to wonder if this is the definition of the word *Comfort*. To comfort>> Warm blankets, fires, cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, Sunday football and a huge pot of Chili simmering on the stove. And lets not forget coffee. The aroma of a fresh brewed pot wafting through the house just soothes my weary soul. Of course a Black Walnut Roast from my favorite roaster would bring that smile to my face as if the World honors me and my place. My home. A gathering of loved ones, sharing the bonds that tie, crazy laughter, never enough Seinfeld jokes which resonate inside of my son's personalities somehow..I didn't do it I swear. I wish you all a blustery, snowy winter. Go light the fireplace, grab a blanket and someone to snuggle. Live,love and laugh. I know I will. There will be many a weekend that we will *hole* up in the house for the entire weekend. The stresses of the outside world hidden outside of these walls. I won't let them in.The pantry and fridge will be stocked and we won't see anyone until Monday brings us back to reality. Try this......let go of what *should* be and be childlike. Move the furniture, drag the bed matterss into the TV room and just stay there. Eat there in your PJ's or 'whatever you choose', watch movies all day, nap, snuggle, play video games, nap again,eat some more, laugh and just play. Tune out the world for the entire weekend. Be with those you truly love. Just be.

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